ASOBI COIN Airdrop Bot

This Airdrop finished on October 1st.
Thank you for all participants!

ASOBI COIN Airdrop Bot Step by Step Guide

You can participate only if you DO NOT already have ASOBI COIN account.

DO NOT trust any other guides made by other users or websites.

Step 1.

Go to our Telegram bot @AsobiCoinAirdropBot.

Step 2.

Press “START”.

Step 3.

Message with the requirements appears. Proceed as guided:

Step 4.

Join our Telegram group

Step 5.

Follow us on Twitter, like 2 last posts and retweet them.

Step 6.

Follow and like our Facebook page.

Step 7.

IMPORTANT! Press “Create account on our site” and a message appears saying “Open this link?”. Press “OPEN” and create your ASOBI COIN account.
Note: You MUST use this link to create your account. If you create your account using other ways, such as referral links, you WILL NOT get 1000 ABX despite what the bot says. This is how our system works.

Step 8.

At your new ASOBI COIN account, submit your KYC.

Step 9.

Go back to the bot. Next message says: “Have you completed all the steps above?” If yes, press YES.

Step 10.

Enter your email address.

Step 11.

Enter your Twitter ID.

Step 12.

Enter you Facebook profile link.

Step 13.

Airdrop done!


After your KYC has been accepted, you will get 1000 ABX.
If you mistake these steps or any links, you WILL NOT get 1000 ABX.