• October 29, 2018

“Blockchain Enables Secondary Distribution and Revolutionizes Digital Content”
Asobimo CEO Katsunori Kondo talks at 2018 Korea Blockchain Expo

“Trading second hand digital content, meaning secondary distribution was impossible until now, because it’s easy to copy. But what if we link the content to the blockchain? You can’t duplicate anymore and we know who has the ownership. This is how the second hand market for digital content will open. This will be the revolution of digital content.”

Asobimo CEO Katsunori Kondo talked at “2018 Korea Blockchain Expo”, held on October 24 in Seoul, about their current project - distributed secondary content platform , as revolutionary.

Asobimo is a middle-sized game company based in Japan. Mr. Kondo was troubled with the problem of game item copyright infringement when he first found out about Blockchain. He saw the possibility of expanding online markets, where hacking, cheating and forgery would be solved with the transparency of Blockchain.
Not only to prevent illegal copying, he also thought of using this technology to create a platform for secondary digital content where users can trade game items.

For that, Asobimo decided to conduct a cryptocurrency ICO to raise funds for this project. As a Japanese game maker they are the first and only one of this kind, having a reverse ICO. Trading game items is something people can actually see themselves doing.

The idea that started with worrying about illegal game item copying, has expanded to a rather large phenomenon.
Once the link was made to the Blockchain and the illegal copying could be prevented, it wasn’t necessary to limit the idea only to game items anymore. They decided to expand to other digital content, such as e-books, music and movies as well.

Platform with such contents, “ASOBI MARKET” will be run by “ASOBI COIN”, issued at their ICO. However, it is not just a platform, but creating a market, an ecosystem.
Asobimo has also been developing a cryptocurrency wallet “ASOBI WALLET”, payment service “ASOBI PAY” and their own exchange “CIELO”.

“After watching a movie or reading a book, just click the ‘sell’ button, set your price and you are ready to sell digital contents as much as you like”, says Mr. Kondo. “It’s not just an idea, but it has already reached the final stage to sell content and licenses owned by individuals in the Ethereum network. We can call this a “revolution” in terms of being able to trade second hand digital contents in a secure and easy way.” he added.

“More than 100 games have joined and a large e-books intermediary has given their consent to use their content, which already gives us a huge amount of content. We confirmed with JASRAC (Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and publishers) that there are no issues to do secondary distribution.” he continues. “We hope that a lot of fantastic Korean content will also join ASOBI MARKET.”

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ASOBI COIN is a project, currently developed by ASOBIMO, Inc. It is a currency, that can be used at ASOBI MARKET, a Distributed Secondary Content Platform (international patent currently pending: PCT/JP2018/16657). At this platform you can sell or buy used digital content such as game items, software, e-books, music, videos and e-tickets, or even purchase new content. The platform uses blockchain technology, which enables secure transactions between users.

With the blockchain technology our “Decentralized Security System” (International patent pending: PCT/JP2018/25247) will provide irrefutable proof of content ownership and a secure trading experience, and also brings back profits to the original publishers and those who hold the copyrights.

You can use ASOBI COIN to purchase credits in ASOBIMO games where 1 ASOBI COIN is equivalent to double of the value in USD.In the future it will be possible to make purchases in other companies’ games, as well as trade e-books, music and movies using ASOBI COIN.

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Company Name: ASOBIMO,Inc.
Location: 3-1-2 Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, 171-0014, JAPAN
President: Kondo Katsunori
Description of business: Online game development