How to Install

1. Download Asobi Wallet from the following address iOS Asobi Wallet

iOS Asobi Wallet

Android Asobi Wallet

*Search Asobi Wallet at your Store

2. Tap Install and enter your Apple ID (Create a new Apple ID if you don’t have one.)

3. Press Install button.

4. Press Open

5. After launching Asobi Wallet, tap CREATE WALLET.

6. Read the Terms of Use and tap Agree.

7. Copy your 12 words Backup Phrase to a safe place and press Next. You will need this Backup Phrase to recover your account.

8. Backup Phrase will be shown in different order. Press the words by order that you have seen in the previous screen. After Confirmation Complete! appears, tap Done.

9. Press Done to proceed.

Receive Crypocurrency

1. Select the currency you will like to send from the Wallet screen.

2. Tap Receive

3. Read the QR code or press Copy wallet address to paste to the sending wallet. Send the currency after from the sending wallet.

4. Go back to the previous screen to confirm your received cryptocurrency. “Received” will be shown when the transaction successes.

Sending Cryptocurrency

1. Select the currency you will like to send from the Wallet screen.

2. Tap on Send.

3. Enter sending address. If you have already copied the sending address, press Paste. You can tap QR code icon to read with camera.

4. Enter the amount of currency in numbers. You can press the Max button to enter your maximum amount. USD button will show in USD base.

5. Confirm the amount, sending address and transaction fee and press send. If you wish you change your transaction fee, tap on icon on the top right corner of the screen.

6. After your transaction becomes Sent from pending, your transaction was successfully completed.

Check your Backup Phrase

1. Press Setting on the right bottom corner.

2. Tap on Wallet.

3. Click on “i” icon.

4. Tap on Show Backup Phrase.

5. The Backup Phrase will show. Please save it in your safe place.

Add Custom Token

1.Tap on “+” icon on the top right corner on the Wallet screen.

2. Enter the name of tokens you like to search.

3. Tap on the token you wish to add.

4. If you cannot find the token at the search engine, press “+” button to enter the smart contract address.

5. Enter the token’s smart contract address or press “Paste” if you have already copied. You can also read by QR code with your camera. Press Done after you confirm the name and symbol.

6. Your token should appear in the Wallet page.