2018-09-04 Update

Status Update I want to share with you the weekly status update for our dApp (decentralized application) development team. GraphQL We have decided to use GraphQL for accessing our Ethereum smart contracts. In GraphQL, an API is typically split into Mutations, Queries, and Subscriptions. Instead of requiring our frontend to call .call() on every smart contract state variable, and do a complicated .send(), we want to offer all frontend functionalities in a frontend developer-friendly package. GraphQL comes in handy here, as the GraphQL schema also serves as a documentation on what the API can and cannot do, as well as […]

2018-08-27 Update

Using open source code in your project development life cycle can speed things up tremendously. At the same time, it is also one of those moments where we developers need to exercise some caution. Typically, many useful helper libraries, frontend frameworks, UI toolkits, and so on, can be added to the application that you are working on with ease. For example, if you are working with Node.js and node package manager, adding a package is only an npm install away. So it’s not surprise that looking at the npm homepage will reveal that some of the packages, like express, are […]