How to submit your KYC for ASOBI COIN

1. Log in to your ASOBI COIN account by pressing “Join pre-sale/Login” on our website (

2. Enter your email address and password. Press “LOG IN”

If you don’t have an account, please register first.

3. Choose “KYC” on the menu at your dashboard

4. Fill in your information

5. Upload a picture of your ID (passport, national ID etc.)

The size should be around 1MB.
Please make sure your ID is still valid.
We cannot accept invalid IDs.

6. Upload a selfie where you are holding your ID

The size should be around 1MB.

7. Confirm your information and pictures. Press “SUBMIT FORM”

Please note that KYC verification may take up to 5 business days.

8. Once you get a confirmation email, your KYC is completed

If you get an email requesting to fix some information, please edit your information and/or re-upload new photo(s).

If you don’t get any emails within 5 business days, please contact our support: and inform us your ASOBI COIN account email address.